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Faith Summers



       Faith Summers


The instructors were amazing and very attentive to all who needed assistance. A great bunch of people and their main goal was to help each and every student feel comfortable with their firearm and feel confident in their ability to shoot! A perfect class for beginners!!!!! I’ve shot pistols for years and learned so much today at this class! Highly recommend.


       Shaye Sprankle

10/10 experience! Safety is always of the utmost importance as you learn and gain confidence with your firearm! I would recommend the beginner course to anyone as a great place to start and make sure you have a good feel for the fundamentals no matter your experience level! Great hands on training with very knowledgeable instructors!

     Kathy Catherman

What a fantastic experience! Education was spot on and easy to understand. Variation of class time and application time gave the course a great flow and energy. The instructor was professional, extremely knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. I will be taking more courses through Precision Firearms Training.

      Dale Wheeland

Extremely informative! Both from a discussion standpoint and drills. Fun, safe, open discussion environment.

  Kim and Don Spickler

Great class for anyone. You will learn something if you are inexperienced or experienced. Highly recommend !!

Daniel Stilson



        Daniel Stailson


I absolutely recommend Precision Firearms Training.

Mr. Shope, as well as the other instructors, are knowledgeable and ready to meet you where you are at.

I've taken his classes multiple times, and gleaned something new each and every time.

Safety is a priority during every aspect of class, while at the same time being fun, challenging and informative.

Whether you already have experience or are a complete beginner, this is a fantastic way to build confidence, build good habits and get a proper start.

     Erin Desaintis

Excellent! He provides a professional, safe, calm, fun and educational environment! I have gained more confidence and skill in a short time frame than I was expecting! I’m looking forward to participating in additional courses!

     Gina Desantis

I highly recommend Precision Firearms Training for anyone looking to build confidence or improve their skills. He provides a safe and fun learning environment regardless of your experience level. My confidence has improved significantly and I’m now having fun shooting. I’m looking forward to attending more classes in the future.

      Kathy Brown

Totally enjoyed the basic handgun class. These guys rock! Looking forward to the next class

Judy Lewis



         Judy Lewis


Took the basic class this past week! Although I wanted to back out at the last minute, I’m so thankful I went. The instructors alleviated my fears and after verbal teaching, gave wonderful hands-on teaching. I feel more confident and safe handling a handgun now. I look forward to increasing skills. I would recommend this class to everyone!

       David Kaurtuer

My wife and I took this class today and we were really impressed! Growing up around guns all my life and shooting alot while in the USMC, which was quite some time ago, I knew I could use a refresher, even if just to sharpin my skills and keeping my gun safety procedures in check. Well, I was blown away at the professionalism of the instructors and the patience and knowledge of each one, to teach these classes to individuals, some of them not even knowing the basics about gun control or gun safety. My wife came here having hardly ever handling nor shooting a handgun, and these instructors here at Precision Firearms did an outstanding job at teaching her not only the Basic Fundamentals of Firearms Safety, but they also helped her with the confidence to handle a handgun and be effective with it on and off the range. As far as me I learned some new tactics to help me be more efficient, more accurate, and even makes me a safer person with a handgun. Great job Precision Firearms Instructors. I would totally recommend this class for anyone, even that person who thinks they can't learn anything else, or the beginner who is a little backward and doesn't want to put themselves out there, these guys will make you a better, safer shooter if you give them the chance!

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