Handgun and  Ammunition



"Bryan, Thanks again so much, so fun and informative.  Diverse shooters and you still made sure everyone progressed!  Looking forward to more in the future."

Daniel Stilson

Bryan I thoroughly enjoyed myself today. All while meeting some great people and see some others I already knew. And I learned a few things too. I will definitely recommend others to do the same and hope to participate in more trainings in the future.

George G Flaherty IV


The BEST investment in time and money that the 3 of us have spent in a long time. As a first time hand gun owner with no experience and older kids in the home, safety was a priority and the main reason I signed myself and both of my boys up for this course. We got SO much more out of this course than just that. I was anxious about even handling the gun loaded but Bryan and his Co instructor were so patient and constructive in their feedback that by the end my oldest was one of the most improved in the class, passing the 2nd qualifier round. Bryan really went above and beyond for my boys and I and I can say that we enjoyed this class immensely. To put it in the words of my 14 yr old who despises sitting through classes " I can't believe we were there for 7 hours. It didnt feel that long at all because it was so much fun." Looking forward to private lessons to continue to build skill and knowledge.